September 28, 2004

Struggling with the elephant

Nick Lewis of Net Politik -  and David Scott Anderson of In Search of Utopia -  have just launched The Progressive Blog Alliance. ddjangoWIrE  is proud to join them as the third member. The damn elephant is big, nasty, and out of control . . . we could use some help.

Nick's the gatekeeper. My two cents consist of this: there are lots of folks out there - bloggers, organizers, politicians, etc. - who call themselves "progressives", but who just aren't. Folks working on the "left wing" of the Democratic Party, trying to pull the Party to the left, are not necessarily progressives. Dennis Kucinich is a progressive. So are folks like Barbara Lee and John Conyers. Howard Dean is borderline, but he has potential and some progressive ideas. Ted Kennedy is not - I repeat . . . NOT - a progressive. The Clinton Clan is not progressive.

V.I. Lenin once said, "The greatest enemy of the new radical is the old liberal." If you're unclear on the terms, please look them up. "Radical" is from the Latin word for "root". True radicals in our society are those who plant and cultivate the principles of real democracy and freedom. You can explore the principles of "liberalism" here at Wikipedia -

If you are truly progressive, I hope you'll join us. If you say you're one of us, but really aren't, I think Nick'll pick that up.

Let me be clear about one last thing. I'm going to vote for Kerry. Right now, the rogue elephant on speedballs is the greatest enemy of everybody . To bring it down, I fully support a coalition of liberals, moderates, intelligent conservatives (you can look that up at Wikipedia, too), socialists, Greens, and libertarians. I only ask that you not throw terms and labels around because they're nice "buzz words." If you do, I'll get Bill Safire on your ass.

My opinions, by the way, may not reflect those of other Progressive Blog Alliance members or other progressives. So there.

If you wish to join us, you can leave a comment here - or send an email here -

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Be at peace