September 25, 2004


The dark thread of secret agendas and unspeakable acts that runs

like a subterranean stream through the last half-century of American history—and which

has turned into a river under this most secretive of presidential administrations—would

not have been possible without the outright cooperation of the media . . .


. . the great irony in the media's rejection of "conspiracy theory" is that the

metanarrative requires mainstream news consumers to subscribe to a far less credible

"coincidence theory."

By this theory, it is nothing more than "coincidence"

that the membership of a neoconservative think tank, whose ambitions for a global

American empire depend on public opinion being swayed by "a new Pearl Harbor," stole

their way into power and occupy key positions in the Bush regime. It is merely a

"coincidence" that unnamed persons cashed in big time in trading United and American

Airlines stocks in the week before 9/11. It's entirely "coincidental" that the FBI

supervisor who blocked the investigation of Zacarias Moussaoui's computer, containing

information about the hijacker's 9/11 plans, got a $25,000 bonus.

In the

media's metanarrative, the incontestable facts that Persian Gulf oil has been central to

American strategic planning since World War II, and that Dick Cheney's secret energy

task force generated maps of Iraq's oil fields in early 2001, have absolutely nothing to

do with the invasion of Iraq. It's just a serendipitous "coincidence."


and other theories - by Online Journal  columnist Michael Hasty.

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