February 12, 2004

Well, just maybe they're listening. Reagan, Bush the Elder, and Clinton couldn't do it! But . . . could it be . . . Doubleduh may have been successful in doing what no Democrat has done since FDR - unite the Democratic Party!!! This, from the Christian Science Monitor: "Democrats' kid-glove campaign" by Liz Marlantes. Clips:

The lack of conflict is highly unusual for an out party, which tends to be far less united than the party in the White House and often faces deep ideological splits during the primary season. Analysts attribute it to a number of factors, from the frontloaded calendar - which has greatly magnified the impact of Kerry's momentum from contest to contest and left his opponents little time to recover - to dwindling resources among Kerry's rivals.

It also reflects a consensus among all the campaigns that this year, more than ever, intraparty attacks are likely to backfire. With Democratic voters focused on beating President Bush, most say they do not want to see the candidates tearing each other apart, but instead focusing their fire on the White House - a factor that has undoubtedly worked to Kerry's benefit.
Maybe we should make the prez an honorary (or is that "ornery"?) member of the Democratic Party.

Be at peace.