February 09, 2004

Hey!! For you Righties that shudder and swoon at the prospect of voting for a [choke] [stutter] Democrat, but realize that Doubleduh and The Cheney Gang are giving conservatism a bad name . . . you do have a choice. James at The Left End of the Dial points us gleefully at the Republican presidential primary campaign of Bill Wyatt. As James points out, Wyatt got 10% of the Republican primary vote in Oklahoma. Here are a couple of items from Wyatt's platform:

7) Abort the Zealot: Stop running the government like it is a religous/corporate cult. Creating fantasy based distractions to avoid our real problems is a continuation of the bait and switch politics of Bush. Expanding our borders to Mars is just that. The same goes for constitutional amendment relating to banning gay marriage and additional legislation regarding abortion. God was not elected to run our government and George W. Bush has proven that he does not have a separation between church and state.

8) Fix the Infrastructure: Consumerism is not going to support our economy in the long run, refocus the driving force of our economy to modern and sustainable business models that will grow into the future.
Heh . . . hate to say it, but this guy sounds better than most of the Dumbopublican opposition.

One more thing . . . if the hard-core Lefties insist on trashing Kerry or whichever establishment Dem gets the nod, and Bush wins, I want Socialist Workers and Social Democrats to take up a collection to pay for my boat ticket outtaheah!

Be at peace