December 29, 2003

Gosh 'n' Golly! I Can't Imagine Why!!

From this mornin's NYT comes this astonishing story. Excerpts:

Effort to Promote U.S. Falls Short, Critics Say

The government's public-relations drive to build a favorable impression abroad — particularly among Muslim nations — is a shambles, according to Republican and Democratic lawmakers, State Department officials and independent experts. They say the effort, known as public diplomacy, lacks direction and is starved of cash and personnel . . .

A senior State Department official, who is active in public diplomacy, says he starts his day pondering the antipathy to the United States.

"Why, in Jordan, do people think Osama bin Laden is a better leader than George Bush?" he asked. "It's not just Arabs who are angry with the United States. It's worldwide."
As you read the rest of the article, look for the part that talks about the fact that this administration has no credibility because it never tells the truth. Oh, can't find that part? Hmmmmmmm . . . well, consider the source. Why doesn't it occur to these folks that PR IS PR and that the rest of the world just ain't buyin' the bu***hit???

Be at peace.