January 02, 2004

This is a must read! Jay Shaft, writing for Axis of Logic, asks, "How Much Worse Can It Get? When will mainstream America wake up?" Good question. Excerpts:

This well to do and very contented yuppie made the comment that it really wasn’t all that bad when you looked at the entire picture. I had to wonder what picture he had been looking at, and what amusement park had it on display. The facts he was quoting were in no way based on any current facts or figures on the plight of America. His facts painted a rosy picture of economic recovery, a winning trend in the war in Iraq, a victory over terrorism, and happy times for all Americans.

I was presenting him with the current figures on how bad it really is on all the issues he mentioned, and he acted like it was something he had never heard before. I realized that maybe he never has heard how bad it has gotten, and maybe he didn’t want to hear it. His shock and anger were immediate and vitriolic in nature. He denounced me as a liar and a bullshit artist, and claimed I was making these things up out of thin air . . .

The ignorance and unawareness so prevalent among the mainstream 9-5 sheeple constantly amazes me. People that are supposed to be our best-educated and most responsible workers and thinkers seem to never even think for themselves anymore. When they come across an idea that challenges their safety and comfort they attack it violently as lies and left wing propaganda. Any idea that deviates from their narrowly defined version of reality is met with scorn and sarcasm. You would think that these people would be the ones trying to figure out where America is going wrong.

Be at peace.