February 17, 2004

I think Kurt Nimmo's gettin' a bit squirrely these days, but, hey . . . who'm I to say? Anyway, I think this post from yesterday on Another Day in the Empire is worth the read. He relates some thoughts on the coming apocalypse by Chalmers Johnson, an ex-spook whose book you can buy through my Amazon store. Here's a clip from the post:

"I think four sorrows inevitably accompany our current path. First is endless war... As it stands right now, since 9/11, Articles 4 and 6 of the Bill of Rights are dead letters. They are over... Second, imperial overstretch... The third thing is a tremendous rise in lying and deceit... The difficulty to believe anything that the government says any longer because they are now systematically lying to us on almost every issue. The fourth is bankruptcy. Attempting to dominate the world militarily is a very expensive proposition... The United States, for the last 15 years, has had trade deficits running at 5 percent every year. We are on the edge. If the rest of the world decides not to cooperate with us or just the rich people of East Asia decide the Euro is a better currency to put their money in than the dollar, we become a junkyard almost at once. The stock exchange would collapse and we would have a howling recession. All four of those things are likely to prevail... [The United States suffers from an] inability to reform. I think it is quite easy to imagine the defeat of George Bush as president. I do not find it easy at all that any successor to George Bush would make any difference... That leads me to the conclusion that we are probably going to reap what we have sown. That is blowback."
Yo! Kurt!! BTW!! Thanks for the link . . . take a valium . . . and come up with somethin' constructive to add to the debate, dammit!!!!

Those who regularly stop by here know that I'm more depressed than most about "stuff" these days. But it ain't over yet, folks . . . not by a long shot. This is our world, too. We can still take it back from the evil empire. Da, DAAA . . . da, da, da, DAAH dah . . .

Be at peace.