February 16, 2004

I like this story about Dennis Kucinich's campaign, from Sunday's WaPo. Clip:

"One consequence of poverty is being invisible," Kucinich said, echoing the words of Michael Harrington's 1962 book, "The Other America," which helped launch the war on poverty. "Another is drugs. Another is violence. I've said before that poverty is a weapon of mass destruction. We need to disarm it."
So why am I mentioning Kucinich, seeing as how I withdrew my support for his presidential bid a while ago? Because his ideas are still the best on the block.

If Kerry beats Bush in November, you can bet this blog will push Dennis' progressive agenda full force. Biting my tongue about Kerry is hard sometimes. I lived in Massachusetts, lost friends in 'Nam, and watched Kerry's career develop. He's a Democratic Party establishment hard-liner who's pretty much kept his head down for the last 25 years in anticipation of just such an opportunity as he has now. It is indeed sad that corporations have so much control over government that a rich hawk like this "neo-JFK" may be our next president. However, it will be much sadder if Doubleduh is still in The White House a year from now.

A full-scale attack by the Hard Left on whoever the Dem candidate turns out to be will be sheer, self-destructive narcissism. One of the main roadblocks to the successful ascendancy of a progressive program is the Left's historic inability to identify the enemy. The Left just don't like nobody. And we still don't have a strategy for winning. Until there is organization, cooperation, communication, humility, and clarity among progressives, we better support Kerry or Edwards or both, if that's the ticket.

By the way . . . we progressives do have some control over what gets in the media. Howzabout some folks analyzing what it took to saturate the waves with the gay marriage stuff this past week. Bottle whatever it was and use it on the real issues. Am I anti-gay marriage? Of course not! But timing is everything. Maybe I'm just downright unamerican, but I think I'd rather we concentrate on issues more important to all the living things on the planet at the present time.

Be at peace.