November 18, 2003

Robert Borosage, co-director of the Campaign For America's Future, writing for AlterNet, says, in part:

We need an economics that puts people first. Repeal those top-end tax cuts and use that money to put people back to work on investments that we need. Build schools and stop laying off teachers and police. Invest in renewable energy and efficiency, reduce our dependence on Persian Gulf oil, lower electric bill, and capture the green markets of the future. Modernize our roads, mass transit and aging water and waste systems. Make the economy cleaner and more efficient. Provide a drug benefit under Medicare and use the buying power to get the best price for everyone. Commit to a full employment economy, allow workers to form unions and empower them to gain a fair share of the profits and productivity that they are already generating.

Also in AlterNet, this David Livingstone piece on Doubleduh's invasion of London. Excerpt:

In the name of Bush's safety, the Secret Service requested that the London Underground, the provider of transportation to millions daily, be closed down. American snipers and special agents traveling with Bush were to be given diplomatic immunity in the event that they should kill any of the expected 100,000 protesters. An artillery weapon called the "mini gun," normally used in battlefield conditions, was to be flown in in case it was deemed necessary to mow down protesters en masse. Vast sections of the city were to be closed to all traffic, forcing the closure of untold hundreds of businesses. Americans were to be placed in charge of all security operations, ahead of the British Scotland Yard, the MI5, the Metropolitan police, and Blair's own security detail. And U.S. fighter jets and Blackhawk attack helicopters, armed with surface-to-ground missiles and high-powered machine guns, were to secure the skies over London.

Be at peace.