November 13, 2003

I Read the News Today, Oh Boy - -

From the Florida Times-Union (, this story about how Veterans Day is available only to veterans who support war. The emphasis in this excerpt is mine:

"Parade chairman Ken Conroy, a Korean War veteran, said he ejected the anti-war veterans because they were offensive and because Tallahassee police also wanted them removed."

"The war on Iraq and its aftermath exacted a heavy toll on combatants and civilians, who paid and continue to pay the price in death, injury and mental and physical ill health. Between 21,700 and 55,000 people died between March 20 and October 20, 2003 (the date on which this report went to press), while the health and environmental consequences of the conflict will be felt for many years to come."

Thus begins the Executive Summary of "Continuing Collateral Damage: The health and environmental costs of war on Iraq," a just-released report from Medact. "Medact is a charitable organisation of doctors, nurses and other health professionals who are concerned about major threats to health such as violent conflict, poverty and environmental degradation," according to their website. If you have the PDF Reader, the 16-page report is available here.

Is there any connection between George Soros' plan to fund $millions of anti-Bush ads and the devastating raid on the Russian offices of the Open Society Institute?

In ZNet, Mark Engler on the up-coming FTAA talks in Miami. Excerpt:

"The term globalization, while remaining imprecise, in many instances has stood as a code word for imperialism, or wealthy countries wielding their power over developing economies for their own benefit. Few progressive observers of trade and development policy would doubt that Washington has carried on a drive to enrich U.S. corporations, usually at the expense of the poor.

"It is clear, however, that the Bush administration's attitude toward globalization differs substantially from former President Bill Clinton's. In contrast to Clinton's support of multilateral negotiations, Bush's stance is as a nationalist. This idea should surprise no one after the preemptive war in Iraq."

Without endorsement or further comment: Bush Body Count.

Be at peace.