November 08, 2003

The Right: In Control or Out of Control? - -

This David Morris AlterNet piece - "Shock Troops of the Right Wing" - illustrates the lengths The Cheney Gang has gone to so far . . . and asks, "What's next?" Excerpt:

"These are heady times for the right. In quick succession they have demonstrated their ability to censor movies they oppose, prevent implementation of court decisions they resist, even halt the construction of a building that would house an organization they dislike."

Molly Ivans, also writing for AlterNet, takes it one step further in her piece "Remembering Reagan." Excerpt (the link to Josh Marshall's TPM is something I put there):

"The excellent blogger and journalist Josh Marshall, in a column for The Hill, points out that it may be true no member of the administration ever used the words threat and imminent in conjunction. True, when asked if Iraq were an imminent threat, various spokesmen really did say, 'Yes,' with varying degrees of emphasis. They said the threat was 'mortal,' that it was 'urgent,' that there was 'clear evidence of peril.' They said that we could not wait BUT, they did not say 'imminent threat.' That sure as hell reassures me that we we're not dealing with delusional leaders. Now why exactly did they tell us we were going to war?"

Well, anyway, I guess if you're "right", that trumps everything - even International Law. The Cheney Gang is guilty of a growing string of transgressions, including the attempt to establish "Iraq, Inc." Naomi Klein of The Guardian, writing for ZNet, points out some problems with the Halliburton/Bechtel/etc. hostile takeover attempt. Excerpt:

"The Hague regulations state that an occupying power must respect 'unless absolutely prevented, the laws in force in the country'. The coalition provisional authority has shredded that simple rule with gleeful defiance.

"Iraq's constitution outlaws the privatisation of key state assets, and it bars foreigners from owning Iraqi firms. No plausible argument can be made that the CPA was 'absolutely prevented' from respecting those laws, and yet two months ago, the CPA overturned them unilaterally."

What I Have to Say About George W. Bush, Blood-thirsty Christians,Homophobes & People Who Don't Use Their Blinkers, by Thom Rutledge. Hey, either read this or stay stupid!! (See how THAT feels?)

Oh, yeah . . . and the "Reagan Legacy"? You eatin' the sucker, Jack!

Be at peace.