November 03, 2003

Rummy's Throwaway Army - -

"Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has made no secret of his desire to get the military out of support activities that are not central to its core war-fighting functions, said Joseph Tafoya, director of the Department of Defense Education Activity. As soon as he arrived at the Pentagon three years ago, Tafoya said, Rumsfeld began asking: 'Why am I running stores? Why am I in education?'”

Thankfully, more and more military personnel are waking up to realize what Secretary of War Rumsfeld is really about. First Stars and Stripes, now this one from Army Times.

I don't think the military is going to stand for this. I think what Rummy really wants is to make military service so unattractive that the ranks of "private" troops working for Wackenhut, Dyncorp, KBR, and the rest will swell. Remember, the goal of The Cheney Gang is to privatize everything. The less folks doing The Gang's dirty work as part of the government, the less government oversight.

We can just hope that the smarter young folks in the military will realize that they're not fighting either for freedom or to protect us from future terrorism. The Cheney Gang's agenda ensures only slavery and growth of terrorism.

Be at peace.