November 02, 2003

LEFT Is RIGHT links to an insightful article in today's Guardian Unlimited. The piece points out in more detail (but with less passion) than I have the utter bankruptcy of the antiwar effort. Excerpt:

"And yet the anti-war movement, whatever its stake on prescience, has proved a depressingly negative force, too. The populist spirit that politicised a generation and illuminated mass marches has curdled into pessimism and posturing."

War in Iraq has an interesting piece which, to my mind, illustrates that it is USX and The Cheney Gang, rather than the resistance, who are "desparate". The story also points out the strategic fragmentation of the occupation. This excerpt notes the changes, confusion, and "seat of the pants" decision-making that has characterized our every move since the attacks in September, 2001:

"The talks are at an early stage and do not represent an actual plan. At a news conference in Baghdad on Saturday, the American administrator, L. Paul Bremer III, spoke merely of the need to welcome back former members of the Iraqi Army into the small replacement army now being formed.

But the talks tacitly acknowledge that some officers view Mr. Bremer's decision to dismantle the defeated 500,000-member Iraqi Army as a mistake, one that has contributed to the instability and increasing attacks against United States forces in Iraq."

It is terrible that we lost another twenty or so young Americans in this criminal war today. But I can no longer countenance the ignoring of the thousands of Iraqi deaths and injuries. Every human being killed or hurt is a part of the human soul ripped asunder.

Finally - I notice that some lefty blogs are trying to walk the line that's drawn by consideration of or actually accepting advertising money. So that there will be no doubt about this blog, I have posted the following notice on my sidebar:

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