November 19, 2003

Alert! - -

Speaking of the draft, blogger thoughts on the eve of the apocalypse picked up this Democratic Underground post indicating that, in spite its "recruiting poster" being pulled from the web, the Selective Service has a few $million and plans to rev up by 2005.

Speaking of DU, they've got a great piece by Mary MacElveen this morning, "We Are Being Held Hostage by Apathy." Excerpt:

I have come to the opinion that we are the most disengaged democracy on this planet. That is because almost half of our country just does not care. Some will even tell you with pride that they do not vote and to me that is inexcusable. Many will say that is their right if we are truly living in a free society. They will cite that it is a person's right of free expression which is protected by the first amendment to our Constitution. But, even if one does follow that argument, those that do exercise this right are thwarting the very democracy that this sacred document was written to protect.

Be at peace.