December 04, 2003

- - The War on Cognitive Dissonance - -

Yeah, yeah, yeah . . . I'm still around . . . trying to fight off one of those "what's the use?" bouts that come absorbing too much fuzzy thinking and propaganda.

Ok, so the next media idiot who uses the phrase "post-war Iraq" to describe the present situation has to stand on any street corner in Tikrit, holding an American flag, unarmed, singing "God Bless America." Some candidates:

Roger Wilkinson, VOA:

U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell has called on NATO to take on a greater role in the post-war stabilization of Iraq. His call came during a closed-door meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Brussels which is also discussing expanding the alliance's presence in Afghanistan.

Steven Vincent, Frontpage Magazine:

Not until the fall of the tyrant and my decision to see postwar Iraq for myself did I begin reading the documents prepared over the years by Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and other monitoring groups. They were shocking.

David Broder (my vote), WaPo:

Serious criticism has been heaped on the Bush team over its lack of postwar planning, and the questioning is coming not just from Democrats but from credible Republicans -- Sens. Dick Lugar and John McCain, for example. It is no wonder that voters are confused and increasingly skeptical.

Dumb as bricks, these people.

Be at peace.