November 23, 2003

- - Crooks and More Crooks - -

This from the Sunday Telegraph/UK. Excerpts:

Corruption charge deals fresh blow to Iraq handover
By Colin Freeman in Baghdad and Julian Coman
(Filed: 23/11/2003)

American-led efforts to establish a civilian government in Iraq were further damaged yesterday by reports in Washington that the Pentagon is investigating allegations of high-level corruption within the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA).

The CPA refused to comment yesterday on the claims that two of its officials and a senior Iraqi politician are being investigated for allegedly taking bribes over contracts for mobile telephone networks . . .

Earlier this month, in response to pressure from the US Congress, President George W Bush authorised the creation of a new office of inspector-general within the CPA, which operates under the authority of the Pentagon.

The move came after widespread allegations of price inflation by US contractors and favouritism in the awarding of contracts. Iraqi companies have persistently reported a lack of transparency in the awarding of contracts.

If the "investigator" here is the same DOD IG that found Perle "innocent" of conflict of interest, you know this dog ain't gonna hunt, neither.

Be at peace.